5 Tips for Hiring a Home Inspector

For most families, buying a home is one of the most serious and expensive decisions they will make. It’s important to hire a home inspector that will identify any problems with the home before you buy it, so that you will have the opportunity to walk away from the sale or ask the seller to fix an issue. Here are five tips for hiring a home inspector.

Consider His or Her Background


You want an experienced home inspector with the relevant credentials to inspect your home. Ideally, she will be a member of professional home inspector associations and take her career very seriously. Ask any home inspector that you interview how many years of experience he has, what professional organizations he’s a member of, and if he holds the relevant insurance, licensure, and credentials for your state.

Choose Home Inspectors with Experience in Your Neighborhood or Home Type

Even if a home inspector has a lot of experience, it doesn’t mean that she has experience inspecting homes like yours. You want to choose a home inspector with experience in the neighborhood you’re buying in, or with homes similar in construction. For instance, if you’re buying a home in a neighborhood constructed in the 1970s, ideally you’d want the inspector to have experience inspecting homes built in the 1970s. That way he knows what kinds of problems tend to arise in those homes.

Ask How Long the Inspection Will Take

A thorough inspection should take around two to three hours to complete. If the home is in poor condition, it should take more time to document the inspection findings. If the inspector that you want to hire indicates that it will be a quick process, he may not do a thorough job of finding everything. A good home inspection takes time.

Attending the Inspection

It is always best to attend the home inspection. Although you will receive a written report, this does not take the place of physically walking through the home yourself and having each item explained to you. Be guarded if the inspector does not want you tagging along.

Inspection Reports

At the end of your home inspection, you should receive an inspection report of the findings. You want this report to be detailed and to have pictures that thoroughly document what was found. Ask what kind of information the inspector includes in his reports to see what level of detail is offered.

Hiring a home inspector is an important decision. You want to make sure that you choose the right one. Call Best Inspection Inc at (907) 522-2378 for a high quality inspection you can rely on.