Preparing for a Home Inspection: Advice for Sellers

If you are selling your home, the words “home inspection” may strike fear in your heart. After all, whether you love your current home but need to move, or have hated the home for years, a home inspection can make you feel like the place you live in is being judged and found lacking. Yet a home inspection can be extremely positive for both the seller and the buyer, helping you identify the issues that need to be addressed and settle on a realistic selling price. Here’s how you can prepare for the home inspection.

Understanding the Home Inspection

A home inspection is a visual inspection by someone who is trained to identify existing or emerging problems. The primary goal is to identify major defects, and the secondary goal is to help the home buyer set up a maintenance budget by finding items that are starting to wear out.


The main home inspection includes the potential buyer, and any major issues that are uncovered could cause the buyer to back out, or at least to make a far lower offer. At that point, the buyer has most of the power in the transaction. A pre-inspection at your own expense, though, will let you know what to expect. You can have things fixed, disclose and discount for the things you can’t or don’t want to repair, and go into the main inspection knowing what will happen. In addition, home inspectors sometimes disagree. Your home inspection report could actually provide leverage if the buyer’s inspector finds things that yours did not.

Preparing Your Home

The home inspector will need to access all areas and systems of your home. Make it easy by unlocking all doors, removing panel covers, and clearing a path to the attic, basement, and any crawl spaces. Make sure all animals are secured and out of the way, or ask someone to pet sit for the day.

Create a good first impression by giving your home a thorough cleaning. Get rid of clutter and debris that may have collected in lesser-used spaces. Dust, vacuum, and mop the floors. Make the beds and clean out the refrigerator. Remove leaves or moss from the roof and clean the gutters. This is also an excellent time to take care of minor repairs that you have been putting off. Replace broken screens, fix faucet drips, and replace missing caulk or weather stripping.

Although these items may seem minor, during a home inspection, the prospective buyer is looking at the home in great detail. Even if nothing major is found, a collection of small things could cause the buyer to decide that the home is too much trouble.

Staying Away

On the day of the inspection, give your home a quick once-over, give the keys to the inspector, and then make yourself scarce. No good can come from awkwardly standing around while the home inspector and buyer discuss your home’s flaws in great detail. You will receive a copy of the report and a list of things you need to address, which you can then decide how to handle without the buyer staring you down.

At Best Inspection, we pride ourselves on our deep respect for every client. A thorough inspection, followed by a detailed in-person review of the report and photographs, ensures that you know exactly what to expect. We are honest, friendly, experienced, and dependable. If you are in the Anchorage area and need a professional, caring, certified home inspector, even during evening or weekend hours, give us a call today at (907) 522-2378 to learn how we can help!